Columbia Business School (Mar. 2022)

Bitcoin Mining in Texas

Texas Blockchain Summit, Austin TX (Oct. 2021)

Bitcoin’s Energy Usage

Coinshares Bitcoin & ESG Conference (Sep. 2021)

Debunking ‘Bitcoin Wastes Energy’

The B Word Conference (July 2021)

The Merit and Nature of Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption

Galaxy Digital Summer Mining Series (June 2021)

Proof of Reserves Panel

Bitcoin 2021 Conference, Miami FL (June 2021)

What kind of assets are cryptocurrencies: an empirical evaluation

Macro WTF Conference, in San Francisco CA (Oct. 2019)

The Case for Better Data in Crypto

Chicago Blockchain Summit, in Chicago, IL (May 2019)

Assessing the relative economic impact of public blockchains

HBS Blockchain and Crypto Club: The Path Forward, at the Harvard Business School in Cambridge, MA (Feb. 2019)

I discuss challenges in determining the relative significance of public blockchain systems, issue critiques of various popular measures, and propose some alternatives.

Ten Years of Bitcoin: Evaluating its performance as a monetary system

MIT Bitcoin Expo in Cambridge, MA (Mar. 2019)

I consider Bitcoin’s impending security transition – from subsidy-driven security to fee-driven security – and whether it is sufficiently equipped to weather the change.

Bitcoin as a Novel Economic Institution

Baltic Honeybadger in Riga, Latvia (Sep. 2018)

I issue a critique of popular measures of Bitcoin’s economic size and throughput, and introduce the novel (and subsequently widely-adopted) measure of ‘realized capitalization’. I then describe how Bitcoin is trending towards partial intermediation, and how Bitcoiners can reckon with this reality.