Podcasts and Video

I record 1-2 times weekly for the On The Brink podcast with Castle Island Ventures. I am particularly proud of our crypto-dollarization miniseries.

These are some of my favorites episodes that I’ve hosted:

Non-exhaustive list of my appearances on other shows

Dave Lee on Investing, What’s Bitcoin’s Future? (Dec. 2020)

The Stephan Livera Podcast, Stablecoins: Bullish or Bearish for Bitcoin? (Dec. 2020)

Unchained Podcast: 9 Ways Bitcoin is at an All-time High, with Laura Shin (Nov. 2020)

Bloomberg’s What’d I Miss: I don’t think the halving had a meaningful effect on Bitcoin, live on TV with Joe Weisenthal (Nov. 2020)

TD Ameritrade Network: Nic Carter Talks Takeaways From Recent Moves in Bitcoin, with Oliver Renick (Nov. 2020)

Bankless: The DeFi Blockspace Cycle, with Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman (Oct. 2020)

The Money Movement: The Crypto Dollar Economy, with Matt Walsh hosted by Circle’s Jeremy Allaire (Oct. 2020)

The Coinist Podcast: Defi Leverage & Crypto Price Cycles, hosted by Luke Martin (Oct. 2020)

Bitcoin & Co: Bitcoin Disrupts Our Politicized Financial Infrastructure, with Anita Posch (Sep. 2020)

Real Vision: The Evolving Crypto Landscape, hosted by Ash Bennington [subscribers only] (Sep. 2020)

Citi Talks Payments: Episode 18, hosted by Tony McLaughlin (Sep. 2020)

What Bitcoin Did/Real Vision: What Now For Bitcoin? with Tuur Demeester, Robert Breedlove, and Alex Leishman, hosted by Peter McCormack (July 2020)

The Breakdown with NLW: A Vision for Digital Property Rights, hosted by Nat Whittemore (June 2020)

Bankless: What’s an Etherean? hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman (June 2020)

HashR8 Podcast: Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption, hosted by Whit Gibbs (May 2020)

The Coinist Podcast: Did Satoshi Move His Bitcoin?, hosted by Luke Martin (May 2020)

Blockchannel: Bitcoin and American Values, hosted by Steven McKie (May 2020)

BlockFi Live: BlockFi Live, hosted by Zac Prince (May 2020)

Palladium Podcast: Bitcoin as a Disciplinary Force, hosted by Wolf Tivy (May 2020)

Hidden Forces: Monetary Revolution: Innovation in the age of Financial Repression, hosted by Demetri Kofinas (Apr. 2020)

The Pseudodoxology Podcast Network: Global Finance Deep Lore, hosted by Kantbot (Apr. 2020)

POV Crypto: Human Values and Robot Protocols, hosted by David Hoffman and CK Snarks (Apr. 2020)

The Breakdown: If you’re not radicalized, you’re not paying attention, hosted by Nat Whittemore (Mar. 2020)

ARK Invest’s FYI Podcast: A History of Bitcoin’s Predecessors, Dollarization, and Stablecoins, hosted by Yassine Elmandjra (Mar. 2020)

What Bitcoin Did: Beginner’s Guide: Bitcoin FUD, hosted by Peter McCormack (Mar. 2020)

What Bitcoin Did: Beginner’s Guide: Altcoins, A History of Failure, hosted by Peter McCormack (Jan. 2020)

Unconfirmed Podcast: How Cryptocurrencies Could Threaten the State, hosted by Laura Shin (Sep. 2019)

Hidden Forces: What is Bitcoin? A History and Ontology of the Cryptocurrency, hosted by Demetri Kofinas (Aug. 2019)

The Pomp Podcast: The Quality of Crypto Data and FUD Dice, hosted by Anthony Pompliano (May 2019)

Unhashed Podcast: The Tether Came Loose, hosted by Ruben Somsen and Mario Gibney (May 2019)

What Bitcoin Did: Economics of The Lightning Network (with Pierre Rochard), hosted by Peter McCormack (Apr. 2019)

Crypto Voices: Bitcoin Macro, hosted by Matthew Mežinskis (Dec. 2018)

What Bitcoin Did: Questioning the Obsession with Blockchains and On-Chain Governance, hosted by Peter McCormack (Oct. 2018)

The Stephan Livera Podcast: Visions of Bitcoin and Transaction Batching (with Hasu), hosted by Stephan Livera (Aug. 2018)

Tales from the Crypt: TFTC #38 (Aug. 2018)
(I claimed at the time that this would be my sole podcast appearance… how naive I was)