Podcasts and Video

I record 1-2 times weekly for the On The Brink podcast with Castle Island Ventures. The Mining Miniseries has been particularly well received. These are some of my favorite episodes that I’ve hosted:

Non-exhaustive list of my appearances on other shows

Bankless, The Second Bitcoin Civil War (Feb. 2024)

Bloomberg Markets, Crypto Outlook for 2024: Will US Approve Bitcoin ETF? (Dec. 2023)

The Fidelity Crypto Brief Podcast, The Resiliency and Growth of Stablecoins (Oct. 2023)

Bankless, The Bull Case for Stablecoins (Oct. 2023)

Empire Podcast, Dollarization 2.0: How Stablecoins Unlock Emerging Markets, with Martin Carrica (Oct. 2023)

New Founding Podcast, The Battle For Free Exchange (Sep. 2023)

Lightspeed Podcast, The Next Chapter for Stablecoins (Aug. 2023)

The Aubservation, Crypto vs the US Government, with Aubrey Strobel (May 2023)

KPMG Canada Podcast, Ep. 12: Proof of Reserves (Apr. 2023)

Unchained with Laura Shin, Is the Government Trying to Kill Off Crypto in the US?, with Brian Quintenz (Apr. 2023)

NLW show, Operation Chokepoint 2.0 is Real (Mar. 2023)

Moment of Zen Podcast, E15: Nic Carter on Balaji’s Bet, Operation Chokepoint 2.0, and the Fed’s Financial Crisis (Mar. 2023)

Bloomberg Crypto, 03/07/23 (Mar. 2023)

Real Vision Crypto, Operation Choke Point 2.0 Underway? with Ash Bennington (Mar. 2023)

The RETURN Podcast, Episode #2: Operation Chokepoint 2.0, with Jon Stokes (Mar. 2023)

Reason, Hester Pierce and Nic Carter: The Government vs Cryptocurrencies, with Nick Gillespie (Feb. 2023)

The Delphi Podcast, Operation Choke Point 2.0’s Mission to Cut Crypto Off from the Banking Sector is Underway with Tommy Shaugnessy (Feb. 2023)

Coin Stories, Crypto Contagion, Proof of Reserves, FTX Clawbacks?! & Bitcoin Miner Solvency, with host Natalie Brunell (Nov. 2022)

Galaxy Digital’s Galaxy Brains, Proof of Reserves (Nov. 2022)

CNBC’s Fast Money, FTX’s Funding Crisis (Nov. 2022)

CNBC’s Crypto World, 11/08/22, with Mackenzie Sigalos (Nov. 2022)

What Bitcoin Did, Censorship and State Capture, with Lane Rettig and Peter McCormack (Nov. 2022)

What Bitcoin Did, The White House is Wrong about Bitcoin Mining, with Peter McCormack (Oct. 2022)

The Scoop by The Block, Why Bitcoin Shouldn’t be Treated as Religion, with Frank Chaparro (Oct. 2022)

Bloomberg’s Crypto IRL, Will Screeching Phoenixes Rise From the Ashes, with Katie Greifeld and Tim Stenovec (Oct. 2022)

FT / Tech Tonic, A Sceptic’s Guide to Bitcoin: The Church of Crypto, with Jemima Kelly (Sep. 2022)

Galaxy Brains, The Future of Blockchains, with Alex Thorn (July 2022)

Odd Lots, The Bitcoin VC Who Just Infuriated The Bitcoin World, with Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway (July 2022)

Bloomberg Crypto, 06/14/22 (June 2022)

CNBC Tech Check, Crypto Deleveraging (June 2022)

The Best Business Show, Episode #227, with host Anthony Pompliano (June 2022)

CNBC Tech Check, TerraUSD One of the World Scandals in Crypto History (May 2022)

What Bitcoin Did, Bitcoin’s Clean Energy Revolution with Troy Cross, with host Peter McCormack (Mar. 2022)

What Bitcoin Did, The End of Dollar Hegemony, with host Peter McCormack (Mar. 2022)

Tucker Carlson Tonight, CBDCs and Bitcoin, with host Tucker Carlson (Mar. 2022)

The Best Business Show, Episode #152, with host Anthony Pompliano (Feb. 2022)

Yahoo Finance Live, Crypto Corner 01/18/22 (Jan. 2022)

We Study Billionaires, BTC059, with host Preston Pysh (Jan. 2022)

What Bitcoin Did, The Future of Bitcoin, with host Peter McCormack (Dec. 2021)

Reason, The Fake Environmentalist Attack on Bitcoin, (Nov. 2021)

The Best Business Show, Episode #67, with host Anthony Pompliano (Oct. 2021)

Impact Theory, These Monetary Trends Aren’t Going Anywhere, with host Tom Bilyeu (Oct. 2021)

Squawk on the Street, Pathways to Achieving a Fully Sustainable Bitcoin (Sep. 2021)

Bankless, Layer Zero, with host David Hoffman (Sep. 2021)

This Machine Greens, documentary by Jamie King (Sep. 2021)

The Best Business Show, Episode #33 with host Anthony Pompliano (Aug. 2021)

TheStreet, Bitcoin’s Wild Ride: What’s Next? with host Corey Goldman (July 2021)

CNBC Tech Check, Bitcoin has the Ability to Resist Regulatory Risk (June 2021)

Bloomberg’s What’d You Miss, Inside the Room when El Salvador Made Bitcoin Legal Tender (June 2021)

Bloomberg Technology, Volatility an Endemic Feature of Bitcoin (May 2021)

Lex Fridman Podcast, Bitcoin Core Values, Layered Scaling, and Blocksize Debates, with host Lex Fridman (Apr. 2021)

Fintech Beat, NFTs: Hope or Hype? alongside Amy Luo, with host Chris Brummer (Mar. 2021)

George Gammon Podcast, Bitcoin And The Future Of Money Deep Dive! Deflationary Money, Lessons From Weimar (Mar 2021)

The Times Podcast, What if Bitcoin hits $1m? with host Asya Fouks (Mar. 2021)

CNBC International, Bitcoin’s Scalability and Energy Consumption, live on TV with Joumanna Bercetche and Julianna Tatelbaum (Feb. 2021)

Bloomberg’s What’d You Miss, What People Get Wrong about Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint, live on TV with Joe Weisenthal (Feb. 2021)

The Grant Williams Podcast, Both Sides of the Coin: A Civilized Bitcoin Debate, hosted by Grant Williams, versus Mike Green (Jan. 2021)

What Bitcoin Did, Critiquing Bitcoin with Frances Coppolla and Nic Carter (Jan. 2021)

Dave Lee on Investing, What’s Bitcoin’s Future? (Dec. 2020)

The Stephan Livera Podcast, Stablecoins: Bullish or Bearish for Bitcoin? (Dec. 2020)

Unchained Podcast: 9 Ways Bitcoin is at an All-time High, with Laura Shin (Nov. 2020)

Bloomberg’s What’d You Miss: I don’t think the halving had a meaningful effect on Bitcoin, live on TV with Joe Weisenthal (Nov. 2020)

TD Ameritrade Network: Nic Carter Talks Takeaways From Recent Moves in Bitcoin, with Oliver Renick (Nov. 2020)

Bankless: The DeFi Blockspace Cycle, with Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman (Oct. 2020)

The Money Movement: The Crypto Dollar Economy, with Matt Walsh hosted by Circle’s Jeremy Allaire (Oct. 2020)

The Coinist Podcast: Defi Leverage & Crypto Price Cycles, hosted by Luke Martin (Oct. 2020)

Bitcoin & Co: Bitcoin Disrupts Our Politicized Financial Infrastructure, with Anita Posch (Sep. 2020)

Real Vision: The Evolving Crypto Landscape, hosted by Ash Bennington [subscribers only] (Sep. 2020)

Citi Talks Payments: Episode 18, hosted by Tony McLaughlin (Sep. 2020)

What Bitcoin Did/Real Vision: What Now For Bitcoin? with Tuur Demeester, Robert Breedlove, and Alex Leishman, hosted by Peter McCormack (July 2020)

The Breakdown with NLW: A Vision for Digital Property Rights, hosted by Nat Whittemore (June 2020)

Bankless: What’s an Etherean? hosted by Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman (June 2020)

HashR8 Podcast: Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption, hosted by Whit Gibbs (May 2020)

The Coinist Podcast: Did Satoshi Move His Bitcoin?, hosted by Luke Martin (May 2020)

Blockchannel: Bitcoin and American Values, hosted by Steven McKie (May 2020)

BlockFi Live: BlockFi Live, hosted by Zac Prince (May 2020)

Palladium Podcast: Bitcoin as a Disciplinary Force, hosted by Wolf Tivy (May 2020)

Hidden Forces: Monetary Revolution: Innovation in the age of Financial Repression, hosted by Demetri Kofinas (Apr. 2020)

The Pseudodoxology Podcast Network: Global Finance Deep Lore, hosted by Kantbot (Apr. 2020)

POV Crypto: Human Values and Robot Protocols, hosted by David Hoffman and CK Snarks (Apr. 2020)

The Breakdown: If you’re not radicalized, you’re not paying attention, hosted by Nat Whittemore (Mar. 2020)

ARK Invest’s FYI Podcast: A History of Bitcoin’s Predecessors, Dollarization, and Stablecoins, hosted by Yassine Elmandjra (Mar. 2020)

What Bitcoin Did: Beginner’s Guide: Bitcoin FUD, hosted by Peter McCormack (Mar. 2020)

What Bitcoin Did: Beginner’s Guide: Altcoins, A History of Failure, hosted by Peter McCormack (Jan. 2020)

Unconfirmed Podcast: How Cryptocurrencies Could Threaten the State, hosted by Laura Shin (Sep. 2019)

Hidden Forces: What is Bitcoin? A History and Ontology of the Cryptocurrency, hosted by Demetri Kofinas (Aug. 2019)

The Pomp Podcast: The Quality of Crypto Data and FUD Dice, hosted by Anthony Pompliano (May 2019)

Unhashed Podcast: The Tether Came Loose, hosted by Ruben Somsen and Mario Gibney (May 2019)

What Bitcoin Did: Economics of The Lightning Network (with Pierre Rochard), hosted by Peter McCormack (Apr. 2019)

Crypto Voices: Bitcoin Macro, hosted by Matthew Mežinskis (Dec. 2018)

What Bitcoin Did: Questioning the Obsession with Blockchains and On-Chain Governance, hosted by Peter McCormack (Oct. 2018)

The Stephan Livera Podcast: Visions of Bitcoin and Transaction Batching (with Hasu), hosted by Stephan Livera (Aug. 2018)

Tales from the Crypt: TFTC #38 (Aug. 2018)
(I claimed at the time that this would be my sole podcast appearance… how naive I was)