Here I am wearing my favorite sweater in Vermont

about this site

  • This site is an archive of my (increasingly scattered) content, created mostly for my own purposes

about me

  • I am proud to be a naturalized American citizen
  • I invest in anti-authoritarian technology
  • I tweet under the handle nic__carter
  • I write on Medium
  • I have an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of St Andrews, and an MSc Finance from the University of Edinburgh

some things I believe

  • I believe in freedom, Lockean property rights, and free enterprise
  • The Bank Secrecy Act is unconstitutional and must be repealed
  • It’s absolutely imperative that we restore the private issuance of currency and create a genuine cash standard on the internet
  • Social media handles are private property; their owners are their proprietors and censorship is expropriation and eminent domain

what I do professionally

Get in touch! Email me at nic [at] niccarter.info